Kyle Hotchkiss
About Kyle

I certainly believe I lead an interesting life. I have some pretty cool stories and have some pretty cool friends. Well to begin with, I am a web designer. It's what I have always been good at, plan to go to school for, and get a career in. I also have fun with Linux based software and I used to have a huge passion for making movies, which faded because of the ever-expanding list of costs related to that. I enjoy some really good music - such as Anberlin, Relient K, Mute Math, The Classic Crime, and quite some others. I have never been all too athletic, as people wish upon me. I did have a talent at cycling and running at two points in my life. I guess I may or may not be a legacy someday, but when I die, I'm kicking it in Heaven!

For the record
  1. Lifeguarding is a fun job.
  2. Band kids are pretty cool.
  3. Obama is a president. Not an actor. Could we please start acting like that?
  4. 5 kids are a lot of work
  5. Even though the internet said some dogs don't bark, they will bark more then other dogs.
  6. Quesildillas have to be some of the best food out there.

Map of Peru.

My brother, Nathan, is going on a mission trip to peru! Be sure to donate some money, as it does take a bit for him to go.

Nathan and I.

That's my brother and I. Aren't we just adorable?

I'm Famous!

Suddenly I feel loved! <3

Me cycling

Yeah, so I did this bike race once. I only biked like 70 miles that day. That's my claim to fame.

Me as a lifeguard.

That's me working in the coolest place in the world. Virginia Beach!

Kyle and Airplane

Me next to the airplane I flew for my 14th birthday!