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Kyle Hotchkiss Productions is a small web designing business targeted towards individual and small group needs. We design quality, standards-compliant web sites. All sites are designed from scratch with attention to detail. All sites are designed to be compatible with the past, the present, and the future of the web. We also use powerful scripts already written and actively under development such as jQuery and Wordpress to further enhance your webpage. By following the newest standards, we can guarentee that you will have relevent sites.
Kyle Hotchkiss Productions has actually been around several years, with name and direction changes. Kyle Hotchkiss has been designing web sites since about 2005, and has been active with it ever since. Orginally, when Kyle had a passion for video editing, the company went by HotchFlix Movies and Pictures, which slowly evolved into Kyle Hotchkiss [Productions], still with video editing. Then as his passion for video editing faded away, a new era began: Kyle Hotchkiss Productions - Web Design.
Right now as Kyle Hotchkiss is in school, he can only handle a limited number of projects as the time he can dedicate to each one changes. He currently has several sites online, one for an old bike club, another for his school swim team, and his personal site. He also has had others, which have faded from the internet since.
The future for Kyle Hotchkiss Productions is still being formed, with Kyle being a student. He plans to major in Web Development/Design, so the company and name have great potiental for moving on. The web is a constantly evolving invention and we are prepared to be at the top of it. The best desision for your site is to just rely on us to make sure of that.
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