Wake up. Go to school. Make a webpage. Take a nap. Ride a bike. My name is Kyle Hotchkiss and this is my story.

I live for FUGE, the greatest summer camp and life changing experence, like ever. Can anybody say until then?

Howdy! Looks like you've successfully managed to find me without crashing a plane or dividing by zero. I respect that, I hate being on 'punish those who attempt to devide by zero' shifts at work. Just kidding, I'd love a job that epic, I'm actually working down at Kings Dominion this summer, and so far it's an incredible job. Pretty soon I'll be attending Liberty University. Of course, I'll be majoring in Web Design!

So if you're here and have some time to kill, feel free to look around! I have a blog somewhere and occationally I'll post the best coffee recipies your famous eyes have ever seen. Or maybe you are looking for some code I've written, I think that would be fantastic too. Or maybe you want to actually say hey! Whatever it is, Cheers for stopping by, you are now my hero.